Wi-Fi Modules

Since 2022, 2D has offered various Wi-Fi modules that can perform different functionalities, many even simultaneously:

  • Wireless 2D WinIt communication via Wi-Fi (Link)
  • Interface for 2D Wi-Fi interface (RealDash) to transmit CAN data to a Wi-Fi device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, …) for visualisation (Link)
  • Data transfer of logging data to cloud server
  • Interface for receiving NTRIP correction data to enable RTK-GPS functionality
  • Socket server
  • Wi-Fi bridge to transmit CAN data wirelessly via Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth Low Energy receiver

The following 2D modules are available as Wi-Fi modules:

  • WIFI2CAN module (Datasheet)
  • Sticklogger with built-in Wi-Fi module (Details)
  • DashTFT with built-in Wi-Fi module (Details)