Data Logger

2D Logging modules are generally divided into two groups according to the type of data recording.

Many 2D logging modules are able to record measurement data into an internal memory, while other modules store the data on an inserted USB stick.

Regardless of internal or USB stick recording, the modules can record CAN bus, analog and digital signals with different numbers of inputs or channels, depending on the design.

Many 2D logging modules also use the built-in 6DoF IMU to additionally log acceleration and rotation rate over three axes.

All modules have the possibility to use their online calculation (CALC) channels to perform various further processing of the received signals (no matter what kind) in real time.

The ColorDash module, available since 2021, as well as the LED Bar module, can be used as a logging module in addition to the normal display function, as all measurement data can be stored on a USB stick.

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