Race20242D analysis and configuration software which can be licensed after installation.2024820MB
Race 2024 Moto2Software package for the Moto2 series with Triumph Engine2024820MB
Race 2024 Moto3Software package for the Moto3 series2024900MB
Race 2024 Moto StudentSoftware package for Moto Student Teams2024820MB
Race 2024 Formula StudentSoftware package for Formula Student Teams2024820MB
Race 2018 Moto2Software package for the Moto2 series with Honda Engine2018216MB
RaceKit 2021 Setup for the 2D KIT systems Trackday and Bike with firmware 2014 or newer.

For older systems please contact us.

Demo DataMeasurement to demonstrate the use of the CalcTool calculation module and Measurement for DTS (Dynamic Test System)2020198MB

Unlicensed the Race-installation can serve as demo version of the 2D analysis software and full version of the configuration software for all 2D modules.


BMW HP4 RaceSoftware package for BMW HP4 Race2017209MB
RaceKit BMW MSoftware package for BMW M Laptrigger2022301MB
Dainese-Air Racing SuitSoftware package for Dainese-Air race2016151MB
Honda RC213V-SSoftware package for Honda RC213V-S2016146MB
Race Yamaha R6 CupSoftware package for the Yamaha R6 Cup2016173MB