KTM RC 250 R

KTM 250 R

2D Debus & Diebold Meßsysteme offers a data logging system which is completely pre-configured for the KTM RC 250 R production racer.

USB Stick Logger Kit – Install, race, analyze!

Art. no.: SY-Kit_CANStick-330
This kit is the start of your data logging. The USB Stick Logger can be connected directly to the harness of your KTM. It is completely pre-configured for GPS and CAN-Bus recording. The analysis software is especially tailored for the KTM R250 R and provides all necessary analysis functions.StickLogger-234-116

  • USB Stick Logger Datasheet
  • USB stick 4GB
  • GPS MouseDatasheet
  • Cable CAN to KTM
  • USB cable USB type A to USB type A
  • Covers for USB stick and CAN connector
  • Software CD + single user license
  • Velcro tape
  • Manual


Art. no.: DI-KIT_MD12-330


Display with 6 pages. Pre-configured for usage in combination with the USB Stick Logger LG-CANStickGPS2C-330.


Sensors connecting directly to the KTM ECU

Brake pressure and suspension potentiometers can be directly connected to the ECU of the RC 250 R. All cables and conncetors fit to the KTM harness. The USB Stick Logger is pre-configured to record all sensors signals. No need to program anything.Kombi
• Brake pressure sensor 100 barDatasheetArt. no.: SA-PK100M10-330
• Suspension potentiometer 150mm frontDatasheetArt. no.: SA-LP150S-330
• Suspension potentiometer 75mm rearDatasheetArt. no.: SA-LP075S-330

Interface-module with Lambda-Kit

Art. no.: SY-KIT_Int_LSU_-330

The kit consists of an interface module and a lambda probe. The interface-module connects to the CAN bus of the RC 250 R and controls the lambda probe. Furthermore the sensors described below can be connected to the module. The module transmits the sensor signals via the CAN bus to the USB Stick Logger for recording.

Datasheet Interface module

Datasheet Lambda probe


Additional sensors

The following sensors can be connected to the interface-module.

• Lap-time kitDatasheetArt. no.: SY-KIT_LT05-330
• Pressure sensor 10 barDatasheetArt. no.: SA-PK010M10HT-330
• temperature sensorDatasheetArt. no.: SA-NTCM06-330
• Temperature amplifier type KDatasheetArt. no.: IN-ATK01_100-330
• Thermocouple type KDatasheetArt. no.: SA-TK01-000