2D Wi-Fi Interface (Realdash)

2D Wi-Fi modules are able to send CAN bus data to mobile devices (PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet) via Wi-Fi.

With the RealDash application (soon a 2D dedicated app will also be available in the Google Play Store), users can visualise CAN data live (even simultaneously on different devices) on a Wi-Fi device with customisable dashboards.

Click here to open Demo-YouTube video!

As Wi-Fi technology is used, the 2D Wi-Fi interface is suitable for near-field and stationary (or low-speed near-field) applications for live verification of vehicle CAN bus data on a Wi-Fi device!
Under good Wi-Fi conditions and with an external antenna (free line of sight, …), a Wi-Fi range of up to 50 m can be achieved.
In racing, the 2D Wi-Fi interface is used e.g. to visualise engine data during engine warm-up or to quickly check GPS conditions outside the pit.
For all other applications, the GPS conditions, for example, can be quickly checked via the 2D-Wi-Fi interface.
Of course, all other CAN bus data from any CAN bus system (even non 2D CAN systems) can be visualised on the customisable RealDash dashboard!

For other applications where CAN data transmission of a moving vehicle is required, RealDash Live Data Streaming or 2D telemetry systems via the Internet should be used!
By transmitting data via the Internet, data access is possible from anywhere in the world!

For more information about 2D telemetry systems over the internet, please contact 2D by email!

Customisable dashboards
Dashboards can be easily created or edited by the user for the specific purpose and application, e.g. to check if there is currently a valid GPS/GNSS connection:

Multiple gauge & visualization types (Graphs, Gauges & Multi-Instruments and Maps) can be used to create own dashboards.

For 2D customers there is a predefined dashboard which covers the following topics:

  • GPS/GNSS Overview with RTK flags
  • Overview KIT bike parameters
  • Heart rate
  • Rider dashboard
  • Tire monitoring system
  • IMU overview