2D Datarecording is a 1-stop shop for complete measurement systems and custom made solutions to customer needs.

No matter if sensor, datalogger or analysis software you will find in us a capable partner that will find a solution for your needs.

A customer request is only a problem if no solution is found.

We deliver solutions!


Custom packs

For specific cars or motorbikes 2D Debus & Diebold Meßsysteme offers pre-configured solutions. Here you can find professional solutions which can be quickly installed and taken into use.

Plug & play systems

For a quick startup into datarecording 2D offers plug & play KIT systems. You will find these KIT’s for cars, bikes, boat or sports in the product section plug & play systems. For a custom made plug & play systems or other questions get in contact with our sales team or distributors.


In this section you will find the usual datarecording products as dataloggers, CAN-modules, display, sensors and more. If you cannot find the specific product you are looking for get in contact with our sales team or distributors.


The inhouse developed software package (WinARace) is divided into 3 main programs. Data management (Event Explorer), module communication (WinIt) and analysis (Analyzer). Furthermore the package contains a variety of smaller programs to enhance usability and support the main programs: creation of spec sheets to keep track of setups and mileage (Specsheet)

CalcTool (recalculation of channels) and plugins as e.g. Matlab-Link (bidirectional data exchange between Matlab and 2D), videolink (linking of videos to data).

Our software is scaled in different license levels to offer maximum usability for professionals and quick startup for entry level users. All license levels are upgradable without a new installation by just entering a new license code.


Do you need a basic training or introduction into data recording or specialized knowledge about specific problems. Then get in contact with us to use our extensive training program suitable for amateurs up to professionals on the highest level.

We offer training session up to 3 people to address the individual problems of every user. If you need an introduction for a greater audience we can adapt the courses to your needs. Our training facilities are suitable for up to 30 people. We also offer courses at your location or race track.

Custom Developments

2D Debus & Diebold is a electronics specialist with in house development, production, support and sales. We know our products from scratch and can develop customized products and produce hardware to you specs. No matter if you are looking for sensors, wiring, logger, displays or software we have the solution.

Maybe you have seen the dashboard on the BMW HP2 Sport or the motorbike airbag by Dainese which are just 2 examples of our capabilities. With 20 years of experience in high-tec electronics we can deliver the results that you need.