Sticklogger V4W (Wi-Fi)


Key features

    • Built-in Wi-Fi module for wireless 2D WinIt communication and for RealDash interface
    • Sticklogging features
      • Stores data directly on 512 GB USB 3.0 Stick with > 600 kByte/s
      • Supports USB Stick hot swap
      • Optional CAN-Streamlogging: Create measurements with “unlimited” number of OFFLINE CAN channels & Streamplay (OPT-008)
    • CAN-bus features
      • 2 CAN lines up to 2 Mbit/s each
      • Optional with CAN/CAN-FD: XCP/CCP option with “Listen only” Mode (OPT-005)
      • 32 ONLINE CAN channels can be recorded and send to other CAN-devices with sampling rate up to 200 Hz each (online CAN-DB/DBC-file decoding)
        • Optional with up to 128 ONLINE CAN channels (OPT-001)
        • Optional CAN channels sampling rate of up to 2000 Hz (OPT-002 & OPT-003)
    • 4 analog input channels – up to 1000 Hz sampling rate each
      • 1 input can be switched to a Hybrid Input
      • Optional increased sampling rate of analog inputs (OPT-010)
    • 1 frequency input channel (up to 50 kHz)
    • 24 Math (CALC) channels for online calculations
    • GPS/GNSS data via CAN and Serial (RTK ready)
    • Optional with built-in 6DoF-IMU (OPT-009)

Available options

For all available options, please refer to the respective data sheet

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