2D Debus & Diebold Meßsysteme GmbH is the exclusive supplier for all of the data logging equipment for the Moto2™ race category.

All teams rely on the 2D products for data logging and analysis.


Base system

The base system contains all components which are necessary for a Moto2™ data logging system:


The Moto2™ base system can be extended in various ways. Some of the most common components are listed in the following.

A complete list of all possible extensions can be found here.


Wireless tyre pressure and temperature monitor system

The set consists of:

  • Wireless receiver with CAN output (Art.No.: BC-TMS_LDL_REC-000)
  • Antenna
  • 10 valves with transmitter (Art. No. SA-TMS_LDL_B-000), Datasheet
  • Remote control for valves (Art. No. AC-TMS_LDL_Rem-000), Datasheet

The set can also be rented for one season. In this case the team has to place a 2D sticker in size of Tech sponsor at the bike.

Art. No. SY-TMS_LDL_B-200

Software license levels

  • Full: Flexible Calc channels, free adaptation of all analysis settings to your needs
  • Net: Four installations for the price of three, including network functionality advanced Analyzer functions
  • Team: more installations, multi-user support. Chassis with free geometry links (see below), premium support

Software licenses can be ordered as time limited or time unlimited. (A Team license is always time limited.)

Extensions to the chassis module

  • Bike geometry calculations
  • Geometry calculations for one set of chassis elements can be used as a channel for analysis
  • In combination with a team software license: the number of geometry elements (frame, swing arm, link, etc.) is not limited

Usage of the chassis module is always linked to a valid software license (Full, Net, or Team).


2D is pleased to help you in getting an understanding of the full potential of your Moto2™ logging system and the software. If you are interested in a training tailored to your specific needs, do not hesitate to contact us.