Superbike EVO-System

2D Debus & Diebold Meßsysteme GmbH offers a complete logging system officially approved by FIM for EVO bikes.

The system can be installed on bikes with or without an ECU-CAN bus.

The EVO Base-System

Art no.: SY-Kit_EVO_Base-000
The basis of the logging system is a USB stick logger, a GPS Mouse and a licensed version of our Configuration and Analysis Software.

On bikes where the ECU is connected to a CAN bus the basic system enables you to record all sensor data sent by the ECU (e.g., Kawasaki, BMW).

USB stick logger
USB stick logger
The base system consist of:

The Standard EVO-Logging-System

Art. no.: SY-Kit_EVO_Standard-000
In addition to the basic system the standard EVO logging system contains a lambda probe, and a sensor-interface module.

The sensor interface module connects to the USB stick logger and controls the lambda probe. Furthermore you can connect up to 7 additional sensors to the module.

Sensor interface module
Sensor interface module
The Standard-System consists of:

The full EVO logging-system

Art no.: SY-Kit_EVO_Full-000
The full EVO logging system is the solution of choice if you want to have the full logging potential on bikes with no CAN-bus (e.g., Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha). In addition to the Standard kit it contains a bike-interface module which connects to the USB stick logger and to the sensors available on your bike.

The full logging system consists of:

GPS Mouse
GPS Mouse


Art. no.: SY-Kit_EVO_Sens-000
All of the sensors listed below can be directly connected to the interface module.
Each of the sensors can be ordered separately as well.
• Two pressure sensors 100 barArt. no.: SA-PK100M10std-000
• Suspension potentiometer 150mm frontDatasheetArt. no.: SA-LP150S-000
• Suspension potentiometer 75mm rearDatasheetArt. no.: SA-LP75S-000
Pressure sensorPotentiometer