What is Streamlogging?

At Streamlogging all on CAN bus received messages/identifiers are stored to raw measurement data with an exact time stamp and without any setting of loggers CAN-IN channels required.

The generation of a 2D measurement from the raw measurement data, i.e. the assignment of the CAN identifiers, is now assigned to the channel names on the computer via a channel settings file and can thus be carried out as often as required and with different channel settings files.


What are the advantages of Streamlogging?

Streamlogging basically works like common 2D Sticklogging but additionally provides advantages:

  • By assigning the CAN identifiers to the channel names on the computer, it is possible to generate 2D measurements with an “unlimited” number of OFFLINE 2D CAN channels from the raw measurement data due to the now irrelevant memory size of the measurement on the computer.
  • This assignment and thus the generation of a 2D measurement on the computer can be carried out as often as desired and in each case with different channel setting files.


What is the difference from Streamlogger to Sticklogger?

The difference in Stick-and Streamlogging is only in behaviour of CAN-Bus channel logging because of another firmware!

With Streamlogger still 128 ONLINE CAN bus channels can be used for recording and other purposes like sending or rerouting channels via CAN or using in online calculation channels (CALC)!

With Streamlogging only advantages are gained because every time all on CAN bus sent messages are recorded automatically, even if they are not specified for recording in loggers CAN-In group!

Therefore, at Streamlogging basically no CAN-IN channels must be set for recording because every available and at Streamlogging automatically recorded CAN-messages can be linked to channel setting file (DBC/CAN-DB) on computer when creating 2D measurements.

Hence, if logger setting was made via WinIt and a CAN-channel setting was done wrong or CAN channel was completely forgotten at logger setting, with Streamlogging this missing or wrong set CAN-channel can be restored by applying correct channel setting file (DBC/CAN-DB file) on computer.