Datalogger with up to 30 channels (5 analog, 3 digital, GPS)

Datalogger with up to 30 fix channels (8 CAN , 5 analog , 3 digital , 1 lap input, 1 digital output, 10 GPS channels (Speed, Banking, Position, Time…)

  • Fixed channel settings – Plug&Play
  • Stock sensor pick up via ECU-CAN or ECU Sensor pick up
  • 1 CAN line for data connection to ECU
  • 1 CAN line for display and CAN extension module connection
  • External power supply 12-20V
  • Predefined sensor add on packages
  • Easy connection of sensor signals through single AMP connector
  • Compact housing and light weight (150g)


This datalogger is part of a plug & play system for different application in the bike, car and boat section. Please contact us to find the perfect solution for your needs.

Art. No.: LG-KitTrackdayxxzzz



2D Atmel USB Drivers

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