Contactless 0…200/1000°C

Contactless infrared temperature sensor 0…200/1000°C

Infrared temperature sensors are designed to measure temperatures without contact to the medium, based on the principal of infrared radiation. This signal is converted inside the logging unit into the right temperature by using a table. The table depends on the emission factor of the measured surface.

  • Formula 1 prooven
  • Quick response time
  • Ambient temperature correction
  • Housing designed for best sensor protection without influence of thermal effect
  • Elimination of signal shift by sensor body
  • 5..16V power supply with internal power stabilization
  • Output buffer for driving long cables


To measure tire, break disc temperature



This sensor is available in different measurement ranges. Choose the sensor type depending on the application to use the full ouputrange for maximal resolution.

Art. No.: SA-IRxxxxV6-000



Contactless temperature measurement