LED Bar – Flag Signal/RPM Shiftlights

Shift LED
Shift LED

The Shift LED is a fully programmable status display that can show CAN bus values on 10 multi colour LED’s. 8 custom alarms can be defined that trigger blinking LEDs. Via a visual interface each LED can be set to show one of 7 colours depending on the input value .

Key features

  • Display features
    • 10 individually programmable, multi-color RGB LEDs for shift flashes, wheel lock, alarms and other indicators
    • Automatic brightness control via ambient light sensor
    • GAP time (can be visualized via LEDs)
    • Display of Dorna flags (can be visualized via LEDs)
  • Stick logging features
    • Stores data directly on 64 GB USB 3.0 Stick with up to 3 Mbyte/s
    • Supports USB Stick hot swap
    • Optional CAN-Streamlogging: Create measurements with “unlimited” number of OFFLINE CAN channels & Streamplay (OPT-008)
  • CAN Bus features
    • Up to 2 CAN lines (OPT-001) with 2 Mbit/s each
    • Optional with CAN/CAN-FD: XCP/CCP option with “Listen only” Mode (OPT-005)
    • 32 ONLINE CAN channels can be recorded and send to other CAN-devices with sampling rate up to 200 Hz each (online CAN-DB/DBC-file decoding)
      • Optional CAN channels sampling rate of up to 1000 Hz (OPT-002)
  • 24 Math channels for online calculation
  • CAN interface freely programmable via USB stick or USB communication


  • Shift LED
  • Display of flag signals of race control
  • Wheel locking display
  • Driverinfo at startprocedure – throttle or torque display for ideal acceleration
  • Warnings and status display of CAN channels
  • ONLINE calculation channels for the implementation of many other applications

Available options

For all available options, please refer to the respective data sheet

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