8 channel type-K

8 channel type-K CAN converter

Amplifies the thermocouple voltage of up to 8 type-K sensors and sends the temperature value onto the CAN-Bus. Very precise amplifier and AD converter for best possible measurement result and cold junction compensation. This module is characterized by a high temperature range of –200°C up to 1200°C. Therefore it can be used for measurements in the climatic chamber as well as measurements of exhaust gas temperature. The modular construction ensures maximum flexibility. Single modules can be combined into a group of modules (e.g. in a temperature test stand).

  • 8 thermocouples type K
  • All channels are galvanically isolated
  • High temperature measurement range of –200°C up to 1200°C
  • Sealing clas IP66
  • Modular construction ensures maximum flexibility

Art. No.: BC-TK8iso-000