New 2D Documentation Management



Since today the new 2D documentation management is online via a webpage! Instead of managing all manuals via single PDFs, many manuals (currently only the software manuals) are already available online on the new 2D-Help webpage!

The website can be reached either via the link or via the new website button “Documentation”.

Race 2022 out now!

Like every year the new software is released at the beginning of February with lots of new features.

The software is now available for download via Downloads – Setup!

With the demo data available, the software can also be opened without a licence!

See the following links to get an overview over the improvements and new features of the software.

New features Race 2022

Licence overview

Overview new 2D modules


GoPro AutoSync

With the function GoPro_AutoSync (only available since version Race2020) it is possible to synchronize up to 12 videos of 4 GoPros each automatically via GPS signal with the 2D measurement data. This has the advantage that the data analysis is extended by a visual component.

The requirements are at least a Race 2020 version, a 2D measuring system with GPS receiver and a GoPro with built-in GPS module.

In addition, we have significantly improved the creation of videos with measurement data overlays in Dashware using the GoPro_AutoSync feature.

Please update your 2D software via WinARace “Help” > “Search for Software Updates”, have a look at the manuals for DashWare and GoPro_AutoSync and give it a try!