MD19 MiniDash

The MD19 MiniDash is designed to be used in combination with a 2D Data recorder to show Lap time, GAP time, a series of bright shift LED’s and warning alarms

It can be used independently, or in combination with the bike’s standard display

Automatically switching over 3 pages:

  1. GAP Time function, constantly showing the rider when Lap Time is gained / lost
  2. Freely programmable alarm channels to warn the rider of, for example, a high water-temperature or a low battery voltage, etc.
  3. A small and crash resistant display, recognizable by the lack of buttons and the thinner housing, compared to the previous 2D MiniDash.

New features in Race2020

  • 5 Analyzer.exe versions with different high DPI handling (multi screen multi resolutions) to choose from by user (In WinARace – “Settings” – “System”);
  • Export in Analyzer to WAV file (max 32 channels)
  • Import plugin for WAV
  • MinMax export to CSV format (very much faster / possible use without Microsoft Excel installed / more than 65000 lines)
  • New script step to export FFT values to CSV/MS Excel
  • Improved script handling, running needs lower license level
  • Many new functions in CalcTool for Bif data analysis (see CalcTool demo user)
  • Many new logical functions in CalcTool for event creation
  • RC low pass filter function in CalcTool
  • IIR filter function in calctool
  • New demo data and demo user to show possibilities of CalcTool and help for start
  • Detailed commented calculation files in demo data
  • Improved video file handling (automatic offset detection and synchronised link with GoPro from 1.3.2020)
  • New function in WinARace to save user settings for easy exchange with other computers
  • Drop of a 2DU file on WinARace starts update by file automatically
  • New stream handling for full CAN stream logging and CAN DB combination up to 5000 Channels
  • Usable sampling rates extended from only power off 2 to wider flexibility
  • Autosave of all connected 2D modules while first read with WInit
  • Autocreation of CAN-DB of 2D module with every apply

New features of Race2019

With the new software version Race2019 and by using VLC you are now able to link your data with your videos.

  • 2D video link is working again
  • Easy handling
  • Gopro MP4 direct playback through VLC
  • Up to 16 single videos per measurement

Visit our YouTube channel to get some impressions.