S 1000 RR from 2019
M 1000 RR from 2020
S 1000 R from 2021

Laptrigger Datalogger

The M Laptrigger for the race track use consists of a GPS mouse and a data logging device.

It provides the automatic generation of lap times for the dashboard.

More than 300 pre-defined start/finish lines worldwide are currently predefined in the device.

The data recording in the M Laptrigger has been developed especially for performance optimization on race track. For this purpose, the data from approx. 80 parameters are stored and assigned to the race track together with the stored GPS position.

The recording is done on a USB stick.

The installation of the M Laptrigger is easy. After removing the passenger cover the connection is done with only 2 clicks to the SZ- and OBD-plug. The connections are matched to the vehicle. The devices are fixed with velcro tape.