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2D Datarecording stands for high tech electronics in small dimensions for engineering and motorsport.

Since its founding in 1993 the company has been a leader in data acquisition, sensor and display technology.

Over the course of 22 years 2D Datarecording grew from a 2 man show to a well know industry leader and supplier with more than 20 employees.

Leading teams and companies in MotoGP, Formula 1, sailing, soccer, vehicle manufacturing and aeronautics are trusting our reliability and superior quality.

Through this reputation we have been chosen as a single supplier for race series as Formula BMW and MotoGP.

Since 2006 2D Datarecording offers products and services for amateurs and lower budget teams.

We support all kinds of athletes no matter if cycling, skiing, speed boating, horseback riding, soccer or motorsport.

Simple plug & play systems and scalable technology as well as worldwide support give the 2D user the advantage over their competitors.