The Trackday data recording system was developed as a Plug & Play system to get a quick start into datarecording without wiring and setup hassle. This allows the ambitioned privateer learning more about his riding style by recording data of his bike on track days .

The very lightweight and small module includes GPS, additional speed sensor and harness to connect directly to the bike. Signals from the bike can be picked up at ECU (Throttle, Temp,…) through direct sensor pickup or via CAN-Bus. Additional sensors like suspension and brake pressure can be connected.

The internal memory allows 55 minutes of recording independent of the number of sensors connected!

The GPS data allow precise recording of lean angle, speed and track position. Using these information the analysis of style and line of the rider is made very easy.

The Trackday system can be updated to KIT Bike!

  • 1 x Trackday Datalogger
  • 1 x GPS Mouse
  • 1 x MiniDash Display
  • 1 x Inductive speed sensor
  • 1 x Loom KIT RWTT incl. ext. speed sensor
  • 1 x Loom KIT RWTT 2D (bike adapter)
  • USB a/b download cable
  • Race KIT software CD
  • Recording time: 55 minutes

Art. No.: SY-KITTrackDay_11-000