KIT Formula Student

2D Datarecording supports all Formula Student/SAE teams with a SY-uCAN11_FST KIT for an unbeatable price of 1500€. A 15% rebate on all extra ordered sensors is given to Formula Student/SAE teams. So why bother developing a data system if the industry standard is available for a competitive price.

This KIT includes a high end logging system with internal acceleration sensors, 2 CAN bus and GPS (LG-uCAN11PRO-000) and a 1 year team license for a special derivative of the analysis software is delivered to visualize all recorded data. This enables the team to measure various data to monitor and fine tune the vehicle dynamics and get the best results out of the engine and chassis.

The software license has to be updated every year for a fee of 500€ per team. When a new KIT is purchased the team license for 1 year is included.

Software training courses at 2D Datarecording are available on request.

The analysis software allows a multitude of graphical representation of data, as histograms, XY plot, FFT, minmax tables,… . A Matlab plugin comes with the software to read the recorded data directly in Matlab and use them for further processing and simulation.

Via Google Earth™ it is possible to visualize the driving line and find the best way around a track, compare driving styles.


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