8 x analog in, 2 digital in

Box CAN, 8 analog-in, 2 digital-in

CAN-extension to expand the measurement system by additional sensors.

  • Measures 8 analogue signals with each selectable input range of 0-5, 0-10 or 0-20V
  • Analog 1 and 5 with switchable pull-up resistors
  • 2 versions of analog value resolution available: 12Bit or 16Bit
  • Measures 2 digital signals
  • Direct plug in of WB-2miniA-000
analog input8 x analog-in8 x analog-in8 x analog-in8 x analog-in
input rangefix (0-20V)0-5V0-20V0-5V0-10V0-20V0-5V0-10V0-20V
resolution12Bit (5mV/Bit)12Bit16Bit (oversampling)16Bit (oversampling)
sampling rate50Hz200Hz400Hz400Hz
analog input2xBinder712,8PF2xBinder712,8PF2xBinder712,8PFopen wires/flying leads
CAN output1xBinder 712,5PM1xBinder 712,5PM1xBinder 712,5PM1xBinder 712,5PM
pull-up resistorsN/AN/A2 x analog in2 x analog in
digital inputN/AN/A2 x digital in2 x digital in


On request with laptime information channel. Source channel can be a digital sensor (e.g. 2D standard lap receiver) or various analogue sensors.

Art. No.: BC-xANAyDIG-000



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