GPS laptrigger

Tired of forgetting your laptime beacon?
Wrong laptimes due to several pit beacons?

2D announces the immediate availability of the GPS-Laptrigger module.

Check it out here.

Tire Rack Supervise-System

We are proud to present our new “Tire Rack Supervise-System”. The system uses the sensors mounted on each wheel (WUS) for presenting the status of all tires in a rack system in the paddock. You get information about the current air pressure and temperature of each tire. The system can be set up to manage this information for each rider in your team separately. The info can be presented on each computer in your LAN.
For more info see our flyer or the Datasheet or contact us directly.

Motorsport goes green


Formulec_EF01Motor racing has always been the laboratory for and showcase of the most innovative technologies. Formulec intends to become the sporting development platform for car makers and energy industrialists who seek to increase the performance of electrical vehicles. With its partners and under the technical management of its engineering specialist SEGULA Matra Technologies, the automotive branch of SEGULA Technologies, Formulec has imagined and designed this first high-performance, fully electric single-seater, the EF01. 2D-Datarecording will equip and support this race car with high level dataaquisition and knowledge.

First rollout on a street course in Moscow:

EF01 – Formulec – Run Moscow City Racing by formulec