2D Training Day for Honda NSF250R in April

Attention Honda NSF250R owners! – We have a training day for you coming up!

What bikes:
Obviously Honda NSF250R 😉

A large proportion of Honda NSF250R motorcycles used in competitions around the world are equipped with our data recording set for this bike. We have a tailor-made kit that is Plug & Play compatible.

We will show how to read the information from e.g. the wheel speed sensors, the suspension sensors, the gear ratio, the air/fuel ratio, the rear wheel slip and the way the rider uses throttle, brake and clutch. This and much more can be analyzed with our powerful data analysis software.
During the course we will explain both the hardware and how to work with our analysis software.

For whom:
Teams who want to learn how to get the most out of their bikes’ data recording.

2D Headquarters, Karlsruhe, Germany

April 8th, 2020

EUR 220,- per participant


2D Data Recording & Analysis April Training Days

What bikes:
600 & 1000 SSP/STK

Beginners (hobby racing) learn their way around the software and the posibilities, getting to grips with analyzing suspension, gearing, riders performance etc.
Experienced users (national racing series) get updated about the basics and continue to the more advanced possibilities of our powerfull analysis software.

For whom:
Both beginners and more experienced users, split in 2 seperate groups.

2D Headquarters, Karlsruhe, Germany

April 6th for beginners
April 7th for advanced users

EUR 450,- / per team (1 or 2 participants)


New features in Race2020

  • 5 Analyzer.exe versions with different high DPI handling (multi screen multi resolutions) to choose from by user (In WinARace – “Settings” – “System”);
  • Export in Analyzer to WAV file (max 32 channels)
  • Import plugin for WAV
  • MinMax export to CSV format (very much faster / possible use without Microsoft Excel installed / more than 65000 lines)
  • New script step to export FFT values to CSV/MS Excel
  • Improved script handling, running needs lower license level
  • Many new functions in CalcTool for Bif data analysis (see CalcTool demo user)
  • Many new logical functions in CalcTool for event creation
  • RC low pass filter function in CalcTool
  • IIR filter function in calctool
  • New demo data and demo user to show possibilities of CalcTool and help for start
  • Detailed commented calculation files in demo data
  • Improved video file handling (automatic offset detection and synchronised link with GoPro from 1.3.2020)
  • New function in WinARace to save user settings for easy exchange with other computers
  • Drop of a 2DU file on WinARace starts update by file automatically
  • New stream handling for full CAN stream logging and CAN DB combination up to 5000 Channels
  • Usable sampling rates extended from only power off 2 to wider flexibility
  • Autosave of all connected 2D modules while first read with WInit
  • Autocreation of CAN-DB of 2D module with every apply

New features of Race2019

With the new software version Race2019 and by using VLC you are now able to link your data with your videos.

  • 2D video link is working again
  • Easy handling
  • Gopro MP4 direct playback through VLC
  • Up to 16 single videos per measurement

Visit our YouTube channel to get some impressions.